Remind: School Communication App Reviews

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As a high school teacher, this app is perfect to make sure messages are received! Im very happy with this app, Ive used it for two years and will continue to. It is also very easy to use. I would only suggest that we can use solid colors for different groups (not just little pictures!)

Amazing app

As a parent of kids in elementary school this is so helpful to keep organized and have reminders of important info. More teachers and parents need to learn about this app.

Great app

As a fire chief this is a great way to get messages across quickly. And keep you children safe

Excellent App

A big big help for busy parents like us! Makes us more involved in our childs school work, allow us early intervention when ever there is a problem understanding the homework. Great App.!!!

Great communication tool

A great way for teachers to communicate with parents


This is the most confusing app I have in countered. I cant find my school, it is giving me only American schools. Im using the information the school gave me and now Im missing out on all of my kids who know whats.

Remind yourself to download remind!

Ive found Remind to be very useful so far. The only things I dont like is that there is such a limit on how much you can put into a message. Sometimes longer messages are needed and so this becomes annoying. Other than that, its very good!

Fantastic App

Great for bringing a Group together...

Use it daily

Find it really helpful with HS students - allows for more communication between home and school.

Love it

My daughters teacher uses it for updates on the class. Great idea

Highly recommended!

This app has made communication with parents a snap! I wish I would have had it years ago. Thanks!

Very helpful !

Very helpful app. Good job !! Should be implemented in every school , by all teachers ... in my opinion. Make parents life much easier . Thank you !

Amazing app!

I absolutely love this app. I wish that that all teachers had this app. Great way to keep in touch with your childs/children teacher and homework updates, daily news on what was going on in the classroom and important school dates. If you dont have this app already, its a must have!

Excellente app!!

Very helpful.

Love it!

Use for many groups and love it! I could only recommend to make the message writing unlimited length

Doesnt explain the f**king birthday and why its invalid

helpful tool

My students are so excited about using this platform to keep them updated on whats going on in class. So easy to use as well.

Fantastic for those with kids!

Use this for my kids soccer team and even their school. Easy to use and setup. Highly recommend it.


Great app, students up to date and parents can follow along also.

Excellent App to keep in touch with parents

This is a great tool to keep both parents and teachers connected!

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